2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

First show in which a male was dancing with us! First and only show with Art et Mouvement in which I had four choreographies, two classical ones, two jazz ones, as well as a special little part in “Nuit”, the choreography that amused me the most! First show that combined dance, poetry, and experimental video with a slightly more original finale in which we almost all had a common choreography that involved us coming to the spectators! Nonetheless, this is the least ambitious and interesting show I have done with the school. Too modern musical groups as well.

Alegría – A Spark of Light (François Blouin, Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, 2020)

Today, I am introducing to you a second short film from the series of virtual reality films proposed by the Phi Centre with the event entitled PHI VR TO GO, which was specifically created to prevent us from going crazy during the sanitary crisis. So for a couple of days, and for a relatively reasonable price, I was able to enjoy in the comfort of my home a selection of ten virtual reality short films, impressive as I had never seen before! This one entitled Alegría – A Spark of Light, and directed by François Blouin, Félix Lajeunesse, and Paul Raphaël in 2020 is another work of art from the Felix & Paul Studios which takes inspiration from the Cirque du Soleil’s show of the same name to adapt it into this new technology.

2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

“Cinderella will forever stay one of the greatest animated films by Disney. Cinderella’s dream: to flee her poor fate. Thanks to the help of her little friends, Jac and Gus, but also of her fairy godmother. Cinderella is among those masterpieces and rare unforgettable stories that will continue to be alive through the generations. Add to that the brilliant imagination of Disney and you will understand why Cinderella is and will remain that irreplaceable classic.”

Summary from my personal VHS of Cinderella (Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, 1950)

Gymnasia (Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski, 2019)

I found myself in that gymnasium indeed, which was lightened by a discrete window until they threw me on the stage, alone, and against my will. I begin to look desperately for help, as the feeling I get when I watch a virtual reality film is similar to the one I get during an episode of sleep paralysis. The lady finally arrives. I believe in fate, except for when I write. I am comforted for a moment right before I almost get a heart attack when the young deceased boy appears next to me, staring at me in the eyes for a long time! After a few minutes of enjoying the singing lesson I am invited to participate in, black comes to me, and I end up hungry for more once again. Although it was too short, this film is a real jewel on every level: the story, screenplay, mise-en-scène, art, emotions, and even acting! I give it four stars.

2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

It is only when I viewed it again several years later that I noticed something interesting. In the world we now live in, I believe many people would blame Delphine for appropriating First Nations’ culture if they watched today the number LES INDIENS, in which the mise-en-scène and costumes would appear to them not only wrong, but above all humiliating, especially since the choreography ends up with a gun shot after which the dancers stop moving! More ironically, this choreography is immediately followed by that of the COWBOYS! I had mentioned this to Delphine when she was visiting Montreal recently, but she didn’t pay attention to that too much since her choreographies, she says, were representing America. That anecdote was also mentioned in one of my written exams for the course Cinéma des différences taught by Michèle Garneau at Université de Montréal, in which the concept of the « Indien inventé » was studied.

The Horrifically Real Virtuality (Marie Jourdren, 2018)

The Horrifically Real Virtuality, presented by Phi as a Canadian premiere, invites you on set of a new film by Ed Wood (the worst filmmaker of all time!). Created by DVgroup and directed by Marie Jourdren, the immersive drama invites the viewer to explore a new narrative genre, an artistic and technological innovation. It allows the public to evolve in a virtual environment while interacting physically and in real time with characters and material objects. After, the experience continues with an immersion in the amazing universe of Ed Wood, thanks to a scenography imagined by Phi.

2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

It is from the school year 2004-2005 that I decided to take jazz dance classes, in addition to the ballet classes I was already taking in the same school. A new dance style that I sincerely did enjoy! A lot of classes like mine were offering lessons for two levels at once. Indeed, at the end of each year, we either joined the upper level or not. I remember having to switch between levels frequently and be with either older or younger dancers.